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It’s a scary time (good thing you’ve been prepping for this, right?), and unfortunately the myriad of misinformation out there makes things even scarier. This blog post is to provide you with the latest ACCURATE information about the Coronavirus and social distancing.

Corona FAQs:

Does this have something to do with Corona beer?

Coronavirus is NOT related to the beer! There is absolutely. NO. CONNECTION. Drink up.

How can I tell if I may have Covid-19?

Any flu symptoms should initiate social isolation, if you weren’t doing that anyway. However, you could just have the flu. Signs and symptoms to watch out for include loss of smell and/or taste, shortness of breath, and fever.

That being said, you can NOT tell if you have the virus by holding your breath for ten seconds (sorry, Geraldo, you’re wrong). You could still have the virus even if you experience no symptoms.

The virus’ incubation period can last a couple of weeks. So, you could have picked it up two weeks ago before getting sick. Some people who catch it NEVER get sick or show symptoms. You can still pass it along to others.

What should I do if I think I may have the virus?

First, STAY AT HOME!!! Do not go to the ER unless absolutely necessary. Instead, CALL your doctor and explain your symptoms. Your doctor will tell you what to do and how to get tested, if needed.

Also, while there is no evidence that Ibuprofen can hurt you if you are infected, it is better to be safe than sorry – try Acetaminophen instead.

Can I take medication to prevent contracting the virus?

NO! There is nothing you can take (yet). You will, however, endanger your health if you do. Do NOT take antibiotics (antibiotics kill bacteria, not viruses). Do NOT take pet medication to try to boost your immune system.

Silver, cocaine, toothpaste, and other over-the-counter remedies are a HOAX.

How is this virus related to the Chinese?

It’s only called the “Chinese virus” because it was discovered in China. It has nothing to do with chinese people. You can’t catch it from someone because they are of Asian descent.

There is no more or less risk of catching the virus from an Asian-American than from any other American. Do not turn your fears and frustrations into hate and racism. We’re all Americans; we’re all in this together.

I’m 18. Aren’t I safe?

NOOOOOO! The reason why the media keeps talking about the elderly and immunosuppressed is because they have a higher risk to die from it. But you have just as much risk of contracting the virus AND passing it along to others.

How is the virus spread?

The virus lives on surfaces and in water droplets in the air. If someone infected sneezes, they are literally spitting the virus out into the environment. Those droplets hang in the air for hours and hours afterward.

Someone could sneeze, leave the room, then you walk into the room an hour later and contract the virus by breathing it in.

GREAT NEWS! Your furry friends are OK! They can neither catch nor pass the virus. Cuddle away.

During the social distancing/ stay at home order, can I go outside to walk my dog?

Yes, as long as you remember to put on pants first.

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