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If you think people with disabilities should do extra accessibility prepping in case the SHTF, you are dead wrong. YOU should be doing extra prepping for disabilities -and here’s why:

With proper preparation, equipment, and practice, survival is just a matter of accessibility

You may or may not be aware of this, but within the community of preppers there is an entire subcommunity of preppers with disabilities. You may be one of them.

That bad knee you have? Sore back? Have you stopped to consider how much more physical stress you will be demanding on your body in many possible future scenarios?

If you have a physical condition that interrupts or impairs your daily activities, congratulations, you qualify for a general umbrella definition of disabled.

If you have a condition (like a wonky knee or bad back) that isn’t a disability so much as it is just annoying, do you think the condition is just going to stay that minimal in times of extreme physical exertion?

if you find yourself having to walk – 30 miles a day, up a rocky hill, through the woods – how far will you get before “annoying” turns into “agonizing”?

Maybe you’re a caregiver. If so, it is important to include accessibility prepping in all your planning, and prepare for any special considerations, including the possible degeneration of your loved one’s condition in enough given time.

HOWEVER, for those of you who are as healthy and fit as a fiddle now, you are the people MOST likely to need accessibility accommodations in survival situations.

Do you really want to go through all the effort of preparing for TEOTWAWKI, surviving through the initial insanity, then being put out of commission just because you broke your leg and had no way of getting around?

Are you going to hold back your whole group when (not IF – WHEN) wounded? Chances are, you’re going to get injured at some point, and with no margin for error in a survival scenario, you need to be fully prepared for anything.

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