The Super-Simple Messy Ponytail Hairstyles

1. Messy and Teased Gray Pony

Whether you have long hair or weaves, this sensual style is easy to achieve. Tease and air-dry your hair without a comb. 

2. Low Loose Pony with Side Bangs

The way the bangs are styled distinguishes this low messy ponytail on a long layered hairstyle. Different-length strands frame the model's face, while the ponytail is gently tweaked for back volume.

3. Poofy Pony with Face-Framing Strands

The ponytail is high on the crown. Even though the model's hair is thin, backcombing gives it bounce. For the remainder of the hair, loose front locks make this style look more relaxed.

4. Romantically Messy Ponytail

Get a fairytale-inspired messy-feminine hairstyle! Twist the sides and tie it in a ponytail at the nape. Wrap or drape extra hair over the base.

5. Fabulous Formal Ponytail

Anyone will be impressed by fancy ponytails. Keep hair sides slicked up and curls collected on top and cascading down the back for this complete pony.

6. Side-Swept Curly Ponytail

Avoid restricting your pony to straight paths. Spin your hair offsides to collect at one nape corner. Stop trying for perfection! Maintain a sloppy, volumized style.

7. Pumped-Up Messy Ponytail

High ponytails give natural body and bounce. Tease the front hair, draw it into a pony on the crown, and wrap the base. Teasing and curling the pony gets you going!

8. Fancy and Full Side Ponytail

This hairstyle is red carpet-ready! Such ponytails are movie star-worthy. Make two ear-to-ear pieces of hair. To create sloppy knots at the ear, twist and tease the top. 

9. Curled-Up Messy Ponytail

A curly pony is a timeless look any female should wear. For a tidy bouffant, curl your long hair ends and backcomb the head. Pony up your hair under your crown.

10. Textured Ponytail

The finest stylish haircut is a bed-head. Spray sea salt spray on your hair before style. This gives your hair hold and natural structure that looks elegant and easy!

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