Southwest Is The Best Airline You’re Probably Not Flying

I fell in love with Southwest Airlines late in life. I always knew Southwest had a cult following and figured most people understood everything about it.

Change flight? Cancel and fly later? No fee, no issue. I snag a good fare even if I'm not sure I'll travel. Cancelling that ticket saves me money on my next flight.

We all lament rising airfares. Some airlines still give incentives, but we sometimes forget. Southwest still offers free two-bag checks under 50 pounds.

Yes, EarlyBird Check-in costs now $15-25 each trip, regardless of how many stops you make. You'll be checked in automatically and likely obtain an exit row seat

I know it's crazy, but I adore domestic flights without seat assignments. I prefer choosing my seat on the spot. I never use Early Bird Check-in,

Perhaps it was my luck, but when monitors were in the back of seats, someone always sat behind me using the monitor and touching the screen!

Southwest ranks 8th in US airline on-time arrivals, although it has outperformed hub-and-spoke rivals. Stress is reduced when connecting through smaller

Southwest is known for blocking third-party travel sites from finding affordable fares. Southwest Airlines is often overlooked while planning vacation.

With its route extension, where does Southwest not fly? Like layovers, SWA routings can be frustrating. I recently took a non-stop transcontinental flight

Southwest staff seem to have kept their grins and sense of fun despite all the changes airline employees have faced. Jokes, smiles, and encouragement to grab more food

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