Most Flattering Hairstyles For Women With Big Foreheads

Side Swept Bangs: 

Side-swept bangs are a popular solution for hiding a broad forehead. They attract attention away from the size of your brow by forming a diagonal line across it.

Blunt Cut Bob: 

A sleek, blunt-cut bob that falls just below your chin may balance off a high brow by adding volume and wonderfully framing your face.

Long Layers: 

Long layers soften your appearance and offer complexity to your hair, making your brow appear smaller. For an even more appealing appearance, style these layers with loose waves or curls.

Wispy Fringe: 

A wispy fringe or curtain bangs that skim your brows can assist to disguise a wide forehead while also adding beauty and refinement to your image.

Pixie Cut: 

For ladies with large foreheads, a well-structured pixie cut may work wonders. It attracts attention away from your forehead and toward your eyes and cheekbones.

Side Part: 

A deep side part in your hair might give the appearance of a thinner forehead. For extra volume, try this with curls or waves.

Layered Pixie: 

A layered pixie cut is ideal if you want shorter hair. Layers may create texture and volume, drawing attention away from the size of your brow.

Top Knot or High Bun: 

Wearing your locks in a high bun or top knot can also help to draw attention away from your brow. To soften the effect, let a few strands free.

Accessorize with Headbands or Scarves: 

Headbands, scarves, and head wraps are stylish accessories that distract attention away from your brow. They also provide a personal touch to your haircut.

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