Most Beautiful Flowering Shrubs To Plant in Your Garden


The tubular blooms of this spring-blooming shrub attract hummingbirds. If given room to grow, the beautiful arching curve is lovely. Reblooming plants bloom intermittently in summer.


Camellias' stunning blossoms nearly appear fake! This evergreen plant blooms late winter to summer, depending on variety. Read the plant tag or description to know what you're getting.


When you're tired of winter, forsythia blossoms brilliant yellow before the foliage. This low-maintenance shrub provides a cheap privacy screen. If your garden is tiny, use a lesser size.

Butterfly Bush

This fast-growing shrub attracts many butterflies and other pollinators. Newer varieties are compact and non-invasive, growing from a foot to four or five feet.

Shrub Rose

Think roses are fussy? Not so. Most shrub roses are easy to cultivate, and many new kinds are cold- and disease-resistant.


The conical flowers of this old-fashioned spring bloomer are fragrant and range from pale pink to deep purple. Lilacs look lovely as hedges or accents and attract butterflies.


Late spring bell-shaped abelia blooms are pink, purple, or peach. New varieties better withstand cold. In a mixed border with perennials.


This shrub's glossy green foliage contrasts with purple, pink, yellow, and white spring blooms. Dappled shadow is needed for new rhododendron cultivars that are cold-tolerant.

Rose of Sharon

This plant blooms pink, white, lavender, or blue flowers far into fall in late summer, when many other blooming shrubs have faltered. New varieties grow in compact garden-friendly columns.

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