Eye-Catching Short Spiky Haircuts For Women Over 60

Funky Short Spikes

Keeping the top strands long and clipping the hair all around may create wonderful patterns like this one. The number 3 guard of a hair clipper trims all except the top strands.

Sassy Spiky Pixie

A short pixie cut is ideal for a 60-year-old woman. The hairdresser might use scissors or a razor for the style. Extra-long front strands are preserved.

Bold Spiky Comb Over

Spiky comb-over hairstyles may also transform your look. This style requires short hair, with the front 3 inches and the remainder much shorter.

Side-swept Short Spikes

Another beautiful style is sweeping the front hair to one side and spikes on mid hair. The side and rear hairs are shorter than the top. This design suits type 1 and 2 hair. 

Short Spikes With Micro Bangs

This short spiky hairdo is good for older ladies but not everyone. Its short length makes it easy to maintain and look good. 

Textured Silver Spikes

Stylish textured silver spikes might make you look younger than your age. Most salons can give you this look without any problems.

Wavy Soft Spikes

Wavy hair seldom spikes without pomade. Soft spikes look well on this hair type. The image above illustrates my point.

Disconnected Short Mohawk

Since mohawks are the most extreme haircuts, many people may shun them. An unconnected fade results from trimming the sides and back to shave them entirely.

Textured Fringe Bangs

Recently, fringe bangs have become fashionable. Get textured fringe bangs with spiky top strands for a gorgeous look. The difference will be noticeable fast and you will be thrilled.

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