Costco’s Chili Is Back And It’s Causing Fierce Debate

Should beans be included in chili? Because the answer differs by location, that question has long divided fans of the hearty comfort food lunch. 

It should come as no surprise that Costco customers were divided on whether to purchase beans or not.

Seasonal beef chili wit kidney and pinto beans is available at Costco. Last week, @costcohotfinds posted on Instagram and TikTok that the bags of chili had been returned to her warehouse.

By announcing the chili's comeback, the publisher unintentionally triggered a heated discussion. Some members were offended that Costco's chili had beans, since this goes against their regional preferences.

Texas chili should never include beans, while Springfield-style "chilli," prepared in Illinois, sometimes does.

That isn't chili. "Bean soup," a commenter on Lamb's Instagram chili post wrote. "Real chili contains no beans," wrote another.

"Why are people so negative?" Chili may be served with or without beans. "Please unwind" a consumer commented on the chili TikTok video.

Chili fans tend to be divided on the topic of beans vs. no beans, therefore they're unlikely to agree.

Some pro-bean Costco customers suggested pairing the divisive chili with the bakery's new Green Chile Cornbread. Lamb discovered four-pound chili tubs for $14 at a warehouse, but prices may vary.

This isn't the only Costco item that has sparked debate this year. Costco introduced new Carne Asada Bowl kits to its prepared food area last month.

Some customers felt it was under seasoned or too cilantro-y, while others thought it was perfect.

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