Bathroom Mirror Designs As Pretty As Your Own Reflection

Work of Art

The silver details in this bathroom are brought together by a huge circular mirror placed in a square frame. The tarnished metal adds an eccentric touch to the whitewashed environment.

Corner Mirror

Why not position the mirror between them instead of against a wall for a little corner sink? When you chop the sink and mirror down the middle, you have a satisfyingly symmetrical bathroom.

Coordinated Frame

The mirror frame, navy countertop, and artwork mat lend modest color to this masculine bathroom. The bevel in the mirror frame adds visual interest against the flat wood paneling.

The Side View

A narrow side mirror, in addition to the wall-to-wall mirror above the vanity, provides a 360-degree view during your skincare regimen.

Camouflaged Mirror

Frame the mirrors to match the stone, wallpaper, or wall paint for a delicate reflection of light. This not only creates a seamless effect, but it is also an excellent method to utilize up unused or spare materials.

Hinged Pair

If you've ever had a bathroom mirror that was just a tad too high or too low, consider a hinged mirror. It allows even the tallest member of your family to freshen up without squatting.

The Full-Bleed Mirror

The floor-to-ceiling wall mirror optically doubles the stunning architectural aspects in this little bathroom and makes it appear larger.

The Mirrored Vanity

Who says mirrors are only for the walls? It expands the space and adds a bit of flair.

The Folded Corner Mirror

We adore a splash of bubblegum pink. With a unique vanity and mirror, London-based design transforms a difficult location into something fantastic.

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