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    Microguard MP® material uses state-of-the-art lamination technology to combine a soft, non-woven fabric with a microporous film. This results in a fabric with a superior liquid barrier, better particulate barrier, stronger tear resistance, and less lint than other fabrics. A great alternative to Dupont Tyvek®.
    TECH SPECS: Liquid and Chemical Resistance:
    Bleach 5%    ASTM T903    Pass
    Hydraulic Jack Oil    ASTM T903    Pass
    Isocyanate-Based Paint Hardener    ASTM T903    Pass
    Motor Oil    ASTM T903    Pass
    Sodium Hydroxide    ASTM T903    Pass
    Mineral Oil    ASTM T903    Pass
    Blood    ASTM 1670-07    Pass


      • CONTENTS:  MicroGuard Coverall 
      • Sizes: M, L & XL
      • For superior comfort, strength, and durability. These medium coveralls are a superior particulate barrier to protect against airborne particulates, powders, and pesticides. 
      • For use in, but not limited to:
      • Handling/applying granular powder or dust pesticides
      • Fiberglass manufacturing and installation
      • Industrial research and clinical facilities
      • Pharmaceutical and food processing
      • Woodworking and furniture manufacturing
      • Construction and asbestos abatement sites
      • Chemical handling
      • Tank cleaning
      • Full coveralls with attached hood and boots
      • Elastic wrists and back
      • MicroGuard MP material (see additional info tab for details)
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