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Why So Much Camouflage?

Anyone shopping through our online store can see we carry a barrage of camouflage, pardon the rhyme. But why?

And why so many different designs? Isn't it just "green" or "desert"? According to our resident camo bug, Mike, that's just the tip of the iceburg! -And, yes, there is a camo for iceburgs, too!

Whether you're in the military, a wildlife enthusiast, or in a SHTF situation, there's more to it than just picking out a color of camo (there's only one "m" in camo, btw; not "cammo").

For our practical purposes, you can divide camo into the following categories, based on a combination of environment and intent: Disruptive/Digital, Dazzle, Multicam, Desert, Woodland, Snow, Urban, and Hunting. Within these categories, there are many variations of color and patterns.

Disruptive camo uses digital print to literally "disrupt" the ability to see the wearer's outline. Dazzle camo is used while out to sea, when there is nowhere to hide; Dazzle is shiny and meant to blind the oncoming enemy ship (like shining a flashlight into an attacker's eyes). Unless you live on a boat, you probably won't be using too much "Dazzle".

Multicam is a good all-purpose camo, because it can help disguise in the most number of different of environments.

Woodland includes camo in the green spectrum as it is helpful when in the woods in Western Europe and the Americas (duh).

Urban Camo is usually grey in color with attachments of real leaves and branches to blend into both the industrial concrete buildings of the city and the random weeds that grow from them. It also should be noted that, in civilian life, "Urban Camo" can also be interpereted as regular greyscale streetclothes, especially if the city has other residents. You won't blend into a populated city while decked-out in militia garb. Save your Multicam backpacks for your out-of-the-city bug-out bags, where you'll need the camo to hide effectively, and make a separate urban emergency bag using a child's bag (no one would guess the Pokemon backpack is the important one). This bag should at least carry a mini water filter straw, a small first aid kit, any necessary medicines, a knife and mini-boltcutters, a few MRE bars, and an extra pair of good socks.

Hunting* (including observing wildlife and/or photographing) has its own category because, instead of the well-known military camo print, hunting camo is decorated with trees, foliage, and antler patterns. These would be the "camouflage" items with titles like Mossy Oak and Realtree.

*Please practice safety, and if you are hunting or out in a hunting area, wear a safety orange vest. Don't be mistaken for game just because you bought some cool camo from us!

Also, just because something has a treelike camo print does NOT mean it necessarily includes the hunters' scent-blocker feature. So, make sure you read all the features of each item. We do have a great selection of scent-blocking clothing, tarps, and tents.

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