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Nice To Meet You!

We are beginning a blog here on Mike's Military Surplus, Camp & Prep Supplies website, where we can discuss all those fascinating concepts of sustainability, camping, military gear, and survival. Prepping (or Preparedness, as a principle in life) is much easier than it looks at first glance; and - luckily - many items can serve double-duty as recreational camping equipment, anyway.

Let's talk about it! We'll aim to use this blog as a fun column on all different types of sustainable living supplies; from the strange to the downright silly -- as long as it's effective!

Say "Hi" to us by liking us on our Facebook page @MikesSupplies. You will get personal shopping assistance, access to live chat through Facebook, and extra discounts!

See you next blog - and thanks for stopping by!

Read more of our blog on survival hacks, survivalist tips, military gear, or just fun lists and tricks here at our main blog page.

Shop our online store for military surplus items, camping supplies, and survival gear! Start here at our home page and select the categories at the top of the page.

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